The value of email marketing

If you don’t already send out a periodic newsletter to your staff, customers or other stakeholders, then it might be time! In its most essential form, a newsletter lets your stakeholders know that your organisation is still active and that they are important to you, as you have taken the time to keep in touch with them.

Newsletters are also a great way of building valuable relationships by offering insights, offers and other valuable information to your stakeholders. Not to mention the ability to build credibility by making important news of your most recent achievements.

Traditionally organisations have distributed newsletters by print and post. Printed newsletters are a great way of maintaining communication, but are generally terrible at providing feedback about the campaign’s effectiveness. The best marketing practices always include some way of measuring the return on investment.

Modern email newsletter software allows us to monitor which of our mailing list contacts are receiving our newsletters and how many are actually opening them. With the addition of website hyperlinks into the newsletter content, we can also track which users click on which links, essentially providing valuable a report on the effectiveness of each newsletter article. This allows for continual improvement of newsletter content using visitor engagement as real evidence.

Lastly there is my own personal evidence. I have been using an email newsletter system now for several months and I can certainly confirm that it puts ideas in the minds of the right people.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like our assistance in setting up an email newsletter system for your organisation.

Frank Stillitano MDIA
Accredited Designer and founder of Flux Visual Communication