Website design

Web design is your passport to the digital world.

An online presence is essential to connect with your target audience. Your website should be easy to access and navigate, aesthetically pleasing and full of quality content. Good web design doesn’t confuse or distract the user; it helps to engage and inform. A functional, beautifully designed website will not only provide consistency with your brand, but will help to increase your credibility and win the trust of your target audience. We can help you set up camp in this pixelated universe, and even build a village of followers.

UI/UX design

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design considers your website from the user’s perspective. By putting ourselves in the shoes of your target audience, we can gain an understanding of their goals, preferences and behaviours. We then use this knowledge to design a website that feels like a breeze to use, making it much easier for users and reducing any confusion.

At Flux, we use our knowledge of key design principles to design functional, intuitive and effective websites. We strategically use colour, grid systems, composition, balance, spacing, alignment, contrast and typography to make websites that are responsive, informative and visually stunning.

Don’t know your interactions from your conversions? Think a bounce rate has something to do with basketball? As digital natives, we’re here to help.

Web accessibility

Accessible web design is not just about disabilities – it’s about reducing any barriers that the user may come up against when trying to access your site and the information on it. These barriers could be anything from the information on your site being too convoluted to understand when a distracted user is trying to quickly view on a mobile, to your site not being built in a way that can be read through a screen reader for the visually compromised.

Common examples of barriers that users may experience are that the text is too small, the colours don’t have enough contrast, the information is too hard to understand, or that navigating through the site is near impossible with a keyboard alone (no mouse). 

There are many barriers that people negotiate each day, but your website needn’t be one of them. We can help you develop a website that complies with NDIS accessibility standards. Make it easy for your audience with a website that is useful to all people in all circumstances.


WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It began life as a blog platform, but is now used by millions across the globe for all kinds of websites. WordPress can be used for anything from a side hustle to a large global corporation with a fully functional ecommerce – the sky’s the limit.

This platform is easily customised through the use of themes and plugins, for which there is no shortage. Want an online shop? There’s a plugin for that. Want a contact form? There’s a plugin for that. Want a unicorn? Well, there’s probably a plugin for that.

When creating a WordPress website, we set up themes and develop elements such as page templates, styles and search optimisation, giving you the ability to self-manage your website going forward.

We also provide a high minimum level of website security and offer a range peace-of-mind maintenance upgrades for your website, to minimise the risk of any down-time.