UI/UX design

Simple, consistent user interfaces and user experience design.

We make sure everything begins from knowing your users, including understanding their goals, preferences and tendencies so that we can design a website that is functional, intuitive and feels like a breeze to use.

UI/UX design

At Flux, we use our knowledge of key design principles to design functional, intuitive and effective websites. We strategically use colour, grid systems, composition, balance, spacing, alignment, contrast and typography to make websites that are responsive, informative and visually stunning. We use the latest interface design tools such as Figma, Miro and Trello to collaborate on web design to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcomes.

While every website has its own unique challenges and objectives, we always consider the following points to ensure our UI/UX designs are enjoyable and clear to use:

Keep it simple, silly

We keep key elements clear and simple, such as menu items, labels and ‘call to action’ buttons. Marie Kondo isn’t the only one decluttering – we strip out any unnecessary elements to help the user experience flow freely. 

Choose your words wisely

Creating a typographic hierarchy is key to effective user interface design. Text should be legible, scannable and served in digestible, bite-sized chunks.

Layout like you mean it

Carefully considering the layout of each page, including structure, spacing and alignment, ensures that key messages stand out and don’t get lost, even at the quickest of glances.  

Think like an interior designer

Colour and texture are useful tools for creating a great user experience. They can be used to your advantage, whether for consistency, contrast or a real punchy call to action.

The three Cs: comfort, consistency and commonality

Consistent design and the use of common elements help users feel more comfortable with your website, making it more functional and useful. We incorporate patterns of all sorts throughout your site – in layout, style and language. These all help with understanding, communication and task completion.

Still don’t know your interactions from your conversions? Think a bounce rate has something to do with basketball? As digital natives, we’re here to help.