Adelaide Central School of Art

Refining the art of web design for Australia's best art school

Adelaide Central School of Art


Our friendly neighbours, the Adelaide Central School of Art, asked if we could design and develop a new website for them. 

The project challenges were to:

  • Design a highly visual website, showcasing beautiful student artworks and the expansive school grounds
  • Ensure the website was fully responsive and would work on all mobile devices
  • Make it easier for school admin staff to edit website content themselves
  • Implement eCommerce functions, including booking/paying for short courses and gift vouchers online
  • Restyle their existing Formsite forms to visually align with the new website
  • Enable the inclusion of video content (for artist talks and other events during Covid restrictions)


We worked in close collaboration with the Adelaide Central School of Art staff throughout the process, to ensure the website provided all functions necessary. 

When we were nearing completion, we also ran training sessions with ACSA staff to show them how they could easily insert and edit their own content. These sessions also highlighted any issues that had arisen, and gave us the opportunity to go back and make any necessary tweaks to the website before it was officially launched.


The new website not only meets the brief, but also highlights the unique experience of studying at the Adelaide Central School of Art through the inclusion of testimonials from student alumni sprinkled throughout the website. While ACSA has established itself over many decades as a world class art school, the new ACSA website helps to bring this institution up-to-date with the digital expectations of prospective and current students.