Aquaria Intranet branding

Fishing for engaging internal communications

City of Unley


The City of Unley wanted to increase employee engagement with their intranet, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of internal communications. While the Council team already had a web developer building the intranet system, they needed a catchy name and interesting identity to go with it, which is where we came in!


A workshop with a group of key team members was the first step in the process. Initial wireframes provided by the developer were discussed, as well as the desired direction of the look and feel, and naming options.

Back in the studio, we took the naming exercise to the next level, researching options and exploring multiple possibilities. We thought the most memorable solution could be an alternative universe, and explored other worlds in pop culture.


We proposed the name Aquaria, and an accompanying visual identity system, based on the idea of the City of Unley Intranet existing in an underwater world. 

Phonetically, Aquaria also includes the word ‘area’, which is a subtle reference to an information and data storage area.

It was also very important that the solution was accessible, so the logo and icons were executed in a sleek and simple style. Incorporating bubbles into the logo helped to reinforce the underwater concept, as well as the accompanying illustrations of underwater creatures and elements.

The outcome is a visually interesting and engaging interface, where users feel like they were travelling to a different world when using the intranet. By creating an enjoyable and memorable experience, the intranet is more likely to be utilised by employees, making the most of this internal communication platform.