Opening up the conversation on open spaces

City of Prospect


The Open Space Strategy was developed by the City of Prospect to improve and maintain more than 30 open spaces in the Council area. The aim of this project was to collect community feedback through a web app about the Council’s proposed improvements and aims of the strategy in relation to each open space.

We also needed to develop an accompanying signage system to be placed in each park to raise awareness and encourage interaction with the web app.


We began our research by visiting a range of open spaces in the City of Prospect. As there are seven different categories of open spaces, we made sure we visited a wide range to gain an understanding of the different ways that the open spaces are interacted with, as well as the surrounding infrastructure.

For each park, we needed to strategically place signs that would ask visitors for feedback by firstly visiting a URL on their mobile device. This would explain what the Council was planning to do in that specific park, and let visitors have a say on these plans. Visitors would also be given the opportunity to read further information about—and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to—the City of Prospect’s broader Open Space Strategy.

We needed to ensure that the campaign was eye-catching, and that the information about the Open Space Strategy was presented in a clear and easy to understand manner.


We worked with Adelaide app developers Appliquette, who used their digital development know-how to bring our concepts to life. A map with clickable pins allows the community to see where all open spaces are in the City of Prospect, and find out information about the City of Prospect’s proposed plans. A timeline showing the schedule of improvements and upgrades in each open space provides the community with a visual representation of the Open Space Strategy.

The accompanying signage system we created uses old-fashioned games that children would play outside. We felt that this fun, playful approach would engage a wide demographic, as the games would be appealing to children and young families, while also resonating with older generations who remember playing those games in their own childhood.

Visit the Prospect Places website and check it out for yourself!

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