Brand identity and website design for unique referral network



Smike is a network. The core offering is to enable individuals to set up their own business and earn income by providing referrals to third party businesses.

Smike can reward individuals by paying them commissions for referrals to large energy and telecommunications companies and/or local small to medium enterprises.


Flux believes a focus on ‘sharing’ the wealth created by big and small business is the crucial idea that will help Smike achieve their objectives. Consumers are likely to participate in an activity which redirects some of the wealth from successful organisations into their own pockets.


With the sharing idea at the core of our thinking, we researched different ways people share and discovered several significant cliches. One of them—the pie graph divided into shares—became the building block of the Smike logotype. It’s letter-forms are made from combining ‘shares’ of the pie in a unique typographic execution. The 3 selected colours represent the 3 levels of membership on offer by Smike, and are derived from different types of pies: Rasperry, Blueberry and Apple.

After completing the brand identity design for Smike, Flux designed and built a static website that provides prospective members with more information about the new concept, gives them a simple platform to submit a membership application and gives Smike an online presence.