St Joseph’s School Hectorville

New website to streamline student enrolments

St Joseph's School Hectorville


After conducting a minor brand refresh and print collateral design project, our client discovered we also develop websites. The school was eager to maintain their new visual consistency online.

The client also had a strong visual idea for their new website, wanting a 50–50 vertical split screen, with visual imagery on the left and written content on the right. 

The school also asked us to build them an online enrolment form to make life easier for applicants and enrolment officers alike.


The 50/50 split was quite a difficult design and development challenge, particularly when it came to the way it would display on mobile devices.

Integrating the sub-menu system on these pages would also present a significant development challenge.

But true to form, our designers and developers found a solution to both issues.

While the design solution was proposed using our UI design tool, Figma, we had to find a way of building the site such that the 50/50 split would work on mobile devices, which are inherently vertical in nature and not particularly suited to a split up the middle.

Check out the solution on your desktop computer and mobile device.

The online enrolment form is one of the largest forms we’ve built, with repeating steps for additional children/students, file upload mechanisms and panels to collect parent signatures.


We used WordPress as the CMS and Elementor Page builder to enable to client to have maximum visual editing ability.

The way this system actually works is quite clever and we’re not about to give away our secrets publicly, but it’s pretty obvious in the end.

If you’d like to know more about how we resolved this issue, or discuss a new website for your school, please contact us.