Building brand equity

Maven Wealth Advisors


Just like any other asset, brand equity can be very valuable. But what happens when all your hard work is building someone else’s brand? Maven Wealth Advisors asked Flux to create a new one for them.

Like humans, organisations pass through different stages as they grow. Both occasionally find valid reasons for slightly altering their identities. For the team now known as Maven Wealth Advisors, replacing their licensee based name with a unique name and new identity would help them begin establishing brand equity in the business they were working so hard on.

Flux was engaged and following our normal diagnostic process, we commenced the renaming work. This was a collaborative effort, led by our senior creative team. We worked with our clients to find a name they love and a name that would work hard to position the company in the right place in their market.


In the market of financial planning and wealth management in Adelaide there is a tendency to prefer conservative names, logos and colour schemes. Trading names are very often just Founder surnames—a strategy that can prove to inhibit future growth and complicate partnership restructuring or succession planning. Many of the logos lack depth of meaning, visual interest and in most cases the accompanying brand extensions are cliché—happy families, retirees and smiling staff.

The new identity needed to represent the market position and core brand values of Maven Wealth Advisors:

  • Expert advice
  • Deserving wealth
  • Being proud of one’s wealth
  • Enjoying life
  • Professionalism
  • Classiness
  • An experienced and trusted brand
  • Boutique advisors


A Maven is an expert, connoisseur or someone who has accumulated knowledge in any particular field. The core logo idea is a form inspired by an elegant light fitting, which primarily conveys a sense of elegance and decorative value. This visually aligned with the defined market positioning. The light fitting concept also represents Maven’s service to clients: ‘shining light’ or ‘illuminating’ complex financial issues, making them clear and simple, and assisting them to ‘see the world they deserve’.

The typography is defined by two features premium brands often use to distinguish themselves from inferior products — simple elegant letter forms and lots of space.