Showcasing bespoke, handmade furniture design

Gray Hawk Design


Gray Hawk is an Adelaide based designer/maker creating unique handmade furniture. The aim of this project was to develop a digital marketing system that would improve Gray Hawk’s website performance, drive new leads through improved search engine results and provide a platform for efficient online advertising.


Gray Hawk’s strengths lie in the artistry and attention to detail within each piece of furniture, which seemed an obvious choice to make the feature of the website. After researching a range of different portfolio websites and approaches, it was concluded that the digital design needed to highlight the character of each piece while also providing a clear and easily navigated website structure.


The end result is a crisp, modern take on a portfolio website which playfully interacts with the quirks of each item of furniture and presents a clear path for potential customers to follow in order to purchase and make new requests for custom works. The website also clearly highlights the overall design process and the ways in which Gray Hawk generates objects with integrity and ethical practices.

To view more of these unique furniture pieces, visit Gray Hawk’s website.

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