Jacob & Auntie Belinda’s website

Imagination comes to life in children's books

Jacob & Auntie belinda


This passion project came about when Auntie Belinda wanted to show her nephew, Jacob, the potential of his imagination and creativity. Together, they wrote two children’s books. After coming to Flux for book design and illustration work for Jacob’s Door Game and Jacob’s Super Dogs, they needed an accompanying promotional website.


As we had designed and illustrated both books, we were already quite familiar with Jacob and Auntie Belinda’s objectives. We wanted to ensure a lot of personality shone through in the website design, as this is not just a promotional website, but a personal one. As such, a blog section that Auntie Belinda could update herself was very important.


The final website uses plenty of illustrations, textures and parallax scrolling to create movement and interest. We incorporated characters from the books to connect to Jacob and Auntie Belinda’s stories, making a very simple website quite visually engaging.

Check out Jacob and Auntie Belinda’s website & books at: www.jacob-auntiebelinda.com