A soothing website for therapeutic massage services



After developing the branding for Solati (formerly Adelaide Oncology Massage Services), our client Judy Valero asked us to build her a brand new website.


As Judy mainly needed the website to act as a point of contact and appointment booking tool, the website didn’t need to be overly complex. To allow Judy to update the content as she pleases, we recommended a website built in WordPress. 


We built the website in WordPress and applied the new Solati branding. Although we based the website build on a WordPress theme, the application of the branding and inclusion of features such as parallax scrolling and overlaying of elements ensures that the outcome is unique and bespoke.

The website is sophisticated and professional, giving Judy a platform to explain her unique services. Clients can read all about the services Judy provides, read testimonials and learn about Judy’s qualifications. Clients can also book appointments through a contact form. The outcome is a functional, easy-to-use front end and back end, with the look and feel of a custom-built website.

To read more about the services that Judy provides, visit the Solati website. 

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