Why we say ‘no’ to the unpaid creative pitch

Flux chooses not to spend time on free pitches or competition work, instead focusing all available energy and resources on servicing our paying clients.

We believe this is an an asset to the long term relationship we are committed to building with new and existing customers. In return we ask for sufficient remuneration to continue to do what we do best, develop great ideas that work for our clients.

As a creative organisation dedicated to the design and communication profession, and as people guided by strong moral and ethical principals, Flux refuses to develop creative ideas without appropriate remuneration.

The creative concepts our clients require are the most valuable aspect of our service.

We prefer to work in a diagnostic, consultative and collaborative way—as partners with out clients. We believe that the pitching method results in inferior commercial outcomes for both our current and prospective clients.

We hope clients wishing to work with us give due consideration to our stance on free pitching—the deliberate decision to risk missing out on work—as an indication of the honesty, dedication and respect we have for our profession and most importantly for our paying clients. Our objective is to provide our clients with the best value, most intensive design process we can offer them. Free pitching only serves to dilute our paid work.

Free pitching is also against the AGDA (Australia Graphic Design Association) code of ethics and similarly frowned upon by the Design Institute of Australia.

Please contact us if you are willing to allow us the chance to prove our creative worth!